Sam Ovens Interview Transcription


The following transcription is taken from a you tube interview conducted between Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens on how to start a consulting business.

Tai: What industries have you seen people become consultants in?

Sam: Common ones are social media obviously because a lot of young people have been brought up with it and are experts at it just find the very nature of that generation,growing up in that generation. So I mean a lot of a lot of people know how to use social media and they know how the INTERNET works but the

Tai: But a lot of old business owners don’t so the idea is if you know social media you can charge a fee $500 bucks a month, hundreds of thousands you said you charged somebody a thousand dollars when you’re starting out?

Sam: Yeah i had my first day of a client was a window tinting business and I helped him improve his website and he paid me a thousand dollars. That was when everything changed and shifted for me just confirmation that I could make something work on my own and that’s where it all began really.

Tai: For me, I went two hours at NC State and i was working like a coffee place and I remember after two weeks my paycheck after taxes 80 bucks but i knew a little bit about real estate and this guy from New Zealand paid me, five or ten thousand dollars just send him a quick report on land in America and so that was me using what I knew. You have a website, what do you show on your website?

Sam: Well I show people on the web and I how to start your very own worldly profitable consulting business from scratch. It doesn’t matter what skills you have it doesn’t matter if you have any history at all with business or with consulting or anything I literally show you how you can start your own consulting business. From picking your niche to crafting your offer to pricing offer to generate an appointment. profitable consulting business.


Tai: It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, not guaranteeing you’re going to become millionaires. People have made millions from this but at the end of the day you were saying, it’s the people who actually listened and apply.

Does it matter where people live, can they watch this workshop anywhere in the world, and does it cost any money to watch the workshop?

Sam: It’s totally free and you can tune in from anywhere around the world you just you just need the INTERNET and computer

Tai: One last question. What about people who know nothing about this, have you seen them pull this off?

Sam: Yes. I’ve helped nine people get too more than a million dollars a year and at least four of them were working nine-to-five jobs making forty thousand dollars a year. This program literally showed them how to start their own consulting business.

Tai: We’re gonna head out. Go to Thank you man I appreciate your time.

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